Spend unforgettable moments in a unique ambience

Spend unforgettable moments in a unique ambience

The CiboDiVino Restaurant and Winery is located inside the fortification defense of the Alba Carolina Citadel, a fortification dating back to 1738.

We’ve designed the restaurant in a way that surprises and preserve the specifics of the location and its history. The Italian design completes this historic place and gives it a distinctive touch to create a relaxing ambience in which to spend perfect moments with your loved ones.

Relaxing Atmosphere

5-star service

Alba Carolina Citadel

a place full of history

Alba Carolina Citadel is a Vauban fortress built at the beginning of the 18th century in the medieval town of Alba Iulia on the Citadel Hill, having the role of a strategic defense for the defense of the Habsburg Empire against the military efforts of the Ottoman Empire and the consolidation of the Habsburg power locally.